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Greenco marinated mushroomsGreenco marinated mushrooms
The Greenco brand comes with various varieties of marinated mushrooms! I already received a package from them with three different types to make a recipe with, one of the benefits of blogging😉

The package really had to come from Korea so I had to be patient but after 2 weeks I had the pots at home, 2 marinated, 1 of which in olive oil and 1 pickled (inlaid).

Because I love sushi and wanted to make a vegetarian sushi bowl, I recorded a video with it.

Ingredients sushi bowl:

250 gr sushi rice Supplies sushi bowlGreenco marinated mushrooms
1 mango
1 avocado
1 cucumber
pot (280 gr) marinated mushrooms in oil
2 spring onions
2 tbsp sesame seeds, lightly roasted

2 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp soy sauce
juice of half a lime

nori leaves or chips
Preparation method:

Cook the sushi rice according to the instructions on the package and let it cool.
Peel the cucumber and cut it into long strings with a peeler or cheese slicer.
Peel the mango and cut it into long, narrow segments.
Cut the spring onions into small rings.
Mix the ingredients for the dressing.
Drain the mushrooms.
Finally, peel the avocado and cut it into long, narrow segments.
Arrange all ingredients nicely in a large bowl and divide the dressing, sesame seeds and the optional nori chips.

bookmark_borderSuper energy within one minute with Green Juice

Are you already familiar with “green powder juices”? Normally I choose, depending on my energy level, for a specific nutritional supplement or a combination of several. Sometimes in the form of capsules, such as the Ashwaganda, or in tablets with, for example, Spirulina, but I also sometimes have wheatgrass or powdered algae, not really tasty but for a good cause say….

I had already tried a test bag from the Green Juice, but to really feel the effect Super Foodies allowed me to test a large pot of their Green Juice , good for 1 month of health! So all other food supplements on the side and I am ready!

What is Green Juice?

Green Juice is a superfoods-based green powder that you can easily make into a drink. It consists of 100% organic ingredients including herbs, algae and vegetables.

The unique thing about Green Juice is that it contains a few ingredients that you don’t often find in other supplements, such as the Ashwagandha and Moringa.

Green Juice Super Foodies experienceGreen Juice Super Foodies experience
Ashwagandha and Moringa have long been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine in India. They have a long list of customs and benefits you could almost choose any kind of ailment and they could probably help with that.

The Green Juice from Super Foodie also contains Matcha, which you often find nowadays as tea, totally hip and healthy.
Matcha has many health benefits, not the least of which is that it can help speed up your metabolism / metabolism without making you feel like you’ve been drinking some strong espresso shots.

Taste of Green Juice

The Green Juice tastes somewhat ” green ” if you understand what I mean. I simply make it as standard with some water in a small glass, stir quickly and clock in. If you want to spice up the taste, you can stir it with some juice or a smoothie. But it is also very good to combine with a yoghurt breakfast where you can add banana and raisins for a slightly sweeter taste.

For those who, just like me, want to know what the stock is like, I have listed some of the ingredients of the Green Juice below:

1. Ashwaganda :

Improves thyroid function, regulates hormone balance in men and women, strengthens the immune system and can help reduce anxiety.

2. Chlorella : 

Cleanses the intestines and liver, speeds wound healing, strengthens the immune system and can lower blood pressure and cholesterol

3. Spirulina : 

Makes the blood basic, cleanses the intestines and liver, relieves pain and strengthens the immune system

4. Matcha : 

Promotes a healthy night’s sleep, increases concentration and strengthens the immune system 5. Lemongrass : has an antifungal effect

6. Kelp : 

Promotes healthy thyroid function, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain and prevents arteriosclerosis

7. Moringa : 

Works to relieve pain, strengthens the immune system and reduces symptoms in asthma

8. Rosehip : 

Provides relief from osteoarthritis, pain and stiffness, can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduces the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

9. Wheatgrass : 

Promotes healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients, cleanses the intestines and liver, has an alkalizing and anti-cancer effect and provides relief from anemia, diabetes, cancer, eczema, kidney swelling and colds

10. Rice protein powder :

Promotes muscle recovery and muscle building, provides energy, slows down aging, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and promotes fat burning and weight loss
Read here what else is in it and possibly request the free e-book with more substantive information!

My experience

I really enjoyed it, no more assortment of jars on the counter but just 1 scoop in the morning through my water and ready! The convenience is therefore a big plus and the feeling to start the day right feels good. The taste is easy to do and it gives me the reassuring feeling that on less healthy days I also get enough greens not to relax. For my children, I stir it in a juice to make it a little more attractive😉

I used it a little short to form an opinion in the long term so after the summer I will give an update! I certainly take the pot on holiday to start every day well.

Also have a chance to win a free pot of Green Juice
I can also draw 2 pots from Super Foodies among the followers of Gezondblog. The price is for 2 Super Foodies friends, so can you use some extra energy together with a friend? Let us know below (or on Facebook) why you both want to win such a pot, tag your boyfriend and girlfriend and who knows we might make you happy with some extra energy! We will announce the winner on August 6!

bookmark_borderL’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!

L’Amorigen restaurant in Cala Nova, Ibiza deserves some extra attention!

Looking for fine restaurants in Ibiza, which serve real, pure and healthy food, we ended up at restaurant L’Amorigen during our last vacation. On the way to the beautiful beach of Cala Nova our eyes immediately fell on the beautiful garden with the graceful trees, which provide a natural shade. Under these trees wonderful benches with colorful cushions are inviting and waiting for you.

L’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!L’Amorigen restaurant in Cala Nova, Ibiza
The beach is 10 meters away so after a morning of lazing in the sun we returned around noon to have something to eat. Our timing was just right because we soon heard that the restaurant was only opened two days before! A menu card was therefore not yet available but the super nice gentleman of the ministry listed the entire card for us. Stress because everything sounded good, both the choices for breakfast and lunch … At that moment we decided to try breakfast the next morning, that made the choice for lunch a bit easier.

Ibiza healthy and delicious foodTasting of the house
It became the gazpacho, the risotto and a vegetarian burger. We got an extra tasting from the house because we were actually a little too early for lunch and therefore had to wait a little longer. Not a disaster for us because we were wonderful. What a taste explosion! I could not bring home all the ingredients for what it was, some could not be translated, but the flavors were so refined and well coordinated, delicious!

Risotto and a vega burgerRisotto and a vega burger
The cook stopped by our table and told us that he cooks from his heart to touch those who appreciate it. Well then he was completely fine with us.

L’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!L’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!
The next morning we went back for breakfast. I opted for the yogurt with home-made granola. When it was served I was confused because she was serving something on a flat plate. But it was exactly as promised. A range of fine fruits and delicious granola with a thick, spicy yogurt and dried mint leaves on top.

Delicious yogurt with granola
In short: You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner at L’Amorigen, but you can also just have a drink in the garden or at the outdoor bar. In the meantime there is probably a menu but here you can already get some ideas of what was on the menu in June 2018. All dishes are organic and vegetarian with herbs from our own garden.

bookmark_borderWhy Brazil nuts are good for your health

The Brazil nut is a real superfood. You often find the nut in nut mixes, but you can also buy them separately. Brazil nuts are often underestimated, but are very healthy and bring many health benefits!

Where does the Brazil nut come from?
The Brazil nut grows on a tree called Bertholletia excelsa. The tree is mainly found in tropical rain forests and mainly along the banks of the Amazon. The tree needs a lot of water, because it can grow up to 50 meters high and the trunk up to 2 meters thick! It takes 10 to 25 years for fruit to reach the tree.

Once that has happened, the fruits must mature for another 14 months. Every year 40 fruits grow on the tree. The fruit has the shape of a cone and weighs approximately 2 kilos. A fruit can easily contain 20 seeds, we know these seeds as Brazil nuts. There are even Brazil nut trees that are more than 500 years old.

The benefits at a glance
The Brazil nut contains many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc.
Brazil nuts also contain important antioxidants: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
The oil from the nut is good for your skin, which is why the oil is now used in shampoo and conditioner.
Rich in vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin E.
The nut contains the important amino acids methionine, cysteine, arginine, glutamic acid and glutamine.
Menopausal women often have selenium deficiency and this has an effect on the thyroid gland. Fortunately the Brazil nut is rich in selenium!
The nut contains fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic acids that promote the health of people with cardiovascular disease.
The Brazil nut is a good substitute for oily fish , because the nut contains many healthy fats.
Rich in selenium
Brazil nuts is more than rich in selenium. 100 grams of Brazil nuts is already 3500% of the recommended daily allowance! Selenium has many advantages:

Releases energy in cells.
limits the damage of the muscles during exercise.
Selenium is good for your immune system.
Selenium works twice as strong in combination with vitamin E.
Provides strong bones and teeth.
Has the property that it has a positive effect on fighting cancer.
Brazil nuts healthyHow much per day?
100 grams of Brazil nuts is already 3500% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). If you eat two Brazil nuts a day , this is enough to maintain your selenium and to benefit from the health effects. If you eat too many Brazil nuts in a short period, it is possible to get selenium poisoning. The symptoms are stomach pain, fatigue, itching, skin rash and white and / or brittle nails.

bookmark_borderLosing fat for a fit body

Losing fat for a fit body

Belly fat is a major source of annoyance. It seems as if fat is easier to store here than on other parts of our body.

A low carbohydrate diet is the ideal way to lose fat around the abdominal area and other parts of the body. This way you can easily create a fit body. Even without exercise.

What is a low carbohydrate diet?
When you start eating low carbohydrates, you soon notice that this has an effect. You notice that stored fat will burn pretty quickly. You lose weight. At the same time, you can continue to eat tasty food and the number of eating moments does not have to change. With a low carbohydrate it is all about less carbohydrates being eaten. Calories or fats are not considered.

What do you eat during a low carbohydrate diet?
lose fat for a fit bodyDuring a low-carbohydrate diet you are relatively free to eat whatever you want. Provided you stay below a certain number of carbohydrates. With some diets there are guidelines that you must strictly adhere to. With other diets, so-called weekly menus are prepared and this is your common thread. As a rule, few sugars are eaten during a low-carbohydrate diet. In addition, food such as pasta, bread and potatoes are kept to an absolute minimum. You eat a lot more vegetables, fruit to a limited extent by fruit sugars. Do you like to eat protein-rich foods such as meat, fish or nuts? With a low carbohydrate diet this is no problem at all and there are often no restrictions for that. Because this fits within the low carbohydrate regime.

Training for a fit body
Although it is not necessary to exercise for a fit body, it helps to further shape the body by doing muscle training. Your body position will improve and the body will take on a tight shape. This does not necessarily mean that you have lost weight. Muscle training does not really help with weight loss and is especially important for creating a tight body.

Do you want to create a tighter belly? If you have lost a few pounds, you can start with abs exercises. If you effectively start abdominal muscle training, muscle growth will be stimulated and a six-pack may occur. Keep in mind that a tight stomach only becomes visible when you have lost any excess belly fat. Do you enjoy doing abdominal exercises or do you find it important to improve your posture through strength training? Then that can of course be good reasons to start with this. But it will not have a visible effect.

bookmark_borderHealthy fats and unhealthy fats

Healthy/unhealthy fats. What is it now Eating fat or not? Some diets are aimed at less fat intake, while other diets say that it is necessary to lose weight. To get to the point quickly … the human body does not function properly if it does not ingest fats. But you have to eat healthy fats. In this article, I will take you into the world of VET.

Fat is healthy

Fat is an important energy source for our body. It contains vitamins A, D and E, but also important fatty acids that our body needs. Our brains, eyes, muscles and immune system in particular need fats or fatty acids.

Part of these fats are partly produced by our body itself, but a number of important fatty acids can only be obtained through food intake. A world-renowned heart surgeon recently admitted that he and his colleagues had given the wrong advice for years. Low-fat diets seem to encourage heart disease. Read the original article here .

Healthy fats

Healthy fats in nutsUnsaturated fats have a positive (reducing) effect on our cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats raise the good HDL cholesterol and lower the bad LDL cholesterol. These unsaturated fats are found in both vegetable products (such as nuts, olives and oil) and in animal fats (such as meat).

These unsaturated fats are not only healthy for us, they are even essential. They contain fatty acids that our bodies do not make, but need. And in fact … you even need unsaturated fats to lose weight. They stimulate the hormone production that is needed to start and keep fat burning going.

Which products can you eat best? Very simple … products that are as natural as possible. Think of nuts, fish, sunflower and olive oil and so on. I would also recommend that you eat organic food. I know … it is a bit more expensive, but then see it as a cheap life insurance policy and a saving on your medical expenses. If you do it in combination with a low- carbohydrate diet , you will save on groceries anyway.

Still healthy fats

Unhealthy fatsThey are known as ‘less healthy fats’ … the saturated fats. They are mainly found in animal fats such as in full-fat cheese and meat and also in coconut fat. At the beginning of this paragraph I consciously wrote “they are registered …”. The reason that the saturated fats have a bad image is the cholesterol level. However, recent studies indicate that saturated fats are not that problematic at all. In fact … since we started eating them less, the number of people with obesity has increased by 100%. Read my article about the misunderstanding of the saturated fats .

So don’t feel guilty if you eat a nice piece of meat. And from now on mainly eat ‘fatty products’ instead of ‘light’ or 0% fat products. The latter contains so much mess to make it taste good that it speeds up the production of body fat.

Unhealthy fats

healthy unhealthy fatsTrans fats are by far the least healthy. Avoid this as much as you can. They are fats that mainly originate in the factories when processing food. They raise cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Trans fats are monounsaturated fats with a so-called trans structure. Trans fats have the nasty property of increasing the LDL cholesterol in your body and lowering the HDL cholesterol. You can find a nice overview of products with many trans fats here .

My favorite (fatty) dish

healthy unhealthy fatshealthy unhealthy fats
If I don’t know what to eat, I opt for a tasty salad with tuna, mayonnaise (without sugar, at the health food store), cucumber, 10 almonds, pine nuts and an egg. As a joke, eat this once every week in combination with a breakfast of 3 eggs in the morning and the belly fat melts like snow in the sun. Don’t you like tuna? Then replace the tuna with chicken strips or turkey. Really delicious!🙂

What is your experience with eating fats and proteins? Have you lost weight? How did you feel?

If you don’t lose weight, you eat too little fat

Do you also know about those people who do everything according to the book, but who always keep being overweight? Or are you perhaps one of them yourself? Chances are that you mainly eat ‘light’ products and little fat. This is because fat plays an important role in burning fat. So if you eat incredibly healthy, leave plenty of carbohydrates, drink enough water and exercise, but you do not lose weight … just eat two more (healthy) fats for two weeks and the fat melts like snow in the sun. Good fats, of course.

Your body cannot live without fat

Your body needs fat to function. We need fat for our skin, eyes, brain, muscles, and immune systems need fats. Our body cannot produce some vitamins such as A, D, E and K. And this vitamin gets the body from fat. The result if you eat too little fat is that your body keeps asking for food because it is not yet provided with all the necessary building blocks. An additional advantage of fat is that it gives you a feeling of satiety, which makes you less hungry. More and more studies are now even showing that eating enough fat helps prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Eat fat to burn fat

If 25-30% of your diet is fat, it even increases your testosterone level and testosterone is one of the most important hormones for muscle growth. And the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. And the higher your metabolism, the more fat your body burns as standard.

Avoid trans fats

Saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated … it doesn’t really matter that much. Fat food is always composed of all these fats. Especially avoid the trans fats. Those are the real culprits.

File: Low carbohydrate

On this blog we write a lot about low carbohydrate eating and low carbohydrate diets. Want to know more about this. then you can easily find your way within this topic via the file “low-carbohydrate eating”. You will find the basics, but also all the articles that touch on this topic. Read more about the low carbohydrate diet .

bookmark_borderLegumes ensure lower cholesterol

A daily dose of legumes lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood, and therefore probably the risk of cardiovascular disease. North American scientists present that Monday in the scientific journal Canadian Medical Association Journal.

They did a meta-study in which 26 studies with a total of 1,037 subjects were combined. The analysis shows that a daily dose of 180 grams of legumes lowers LDL cholesterol by 5 percent. LDL cholesterol is also known as ‘bad cholesterol’, and the researchers think that this decrease also means a 5 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

The scientists state that there is now evidence for prescribing legumes such as lentils, peas and chickpeas. These vegetables were already recommended, but according to them without too many reasons.

bookmark_borderWhat is metabolism and what does it do for your body?

In many of my articles and in articles by other authors who write about fitness, nutrition and sports, the word “metabolism” is used. Apparently, it is something that is important to us. Therefore an article in which I try to explain it as simply as possible.

Metabolism according to Wikipedia

Metabolism or metabolism (from Greek: μεταβολισμός “metabolism” = change or conversion) is the whole of biochemical processes that take place in cells and organisms. Enzymes play a central role in the conversions. A distinction is usually made between the build-up of substances using energy (anabolism) and the breakdown of more complex substances that release energy (catabolism). Source

In other words … it is also known as ‘metabolism’ and it ensures that our nutrients are broken down and converted into energy. The energy that we can then use to move, breathe and keep warm, for example. It actually ensures that our body continues to function.

What it does for your body
Metabolism has the following functions:

The conversion of nutrients into building materials and energy
The use of building materials and energy as a source for all biological processes
The processing of waste
The creation and use of reserves
The metabolism, therefore, provides energy but is itself one of the largest energy consumers. The level of your metabolism depends on a number of things. Part of this is hereditary and your ‘fat-free mass’ and your ‘Basal Rest Metabolism’ determine your energy consumption. Your BRM uses approximately 60-70% of all your energy (and therefore kCal). 10% is used for heating your body and the remaining 20-30% is used for activities.

If we want to lose weight, then we must at least use that 20-30 % by doing activities, but even better. Read how you can do that in most of my articles on this blog.